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I've decided that I should finally post in this community. I'll admit it, I have an obsession with Prince William. I think that he is one of the world's most beautiful people. My friend made me a pillow with his picture all over it so I boast of sleeping with Prince William on a daily basis. I highly recommend that everyone else does the same simply because the looks on people's faces are priceless. Kudos to this communities creators, there is a serious lack of Prince William communities on livejournal.

I hope that everyone knows about whu.teamhighgrove.com. I think that they have one of the better William and Harry sites out there. Not to mention a photo gallery that makes you love William a 100x more

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firstly I WANT THAT PILLOW lol, what a cool idea waking up evry mornin and then seeing that gorgeous face aah heaven

i'm glad there's a Prince William lj community, i'm already a member of countless yahoo groups and of WHU, so yes i'm obsessed with that gorgeous example of manhood lol,

well did u hear about Will's weekend at his Balmoral cottage with Kate Middleton, wat does evry1 think about her, i think if she has bin very loyal to him so far but there is sumthing about her that i just don't like, it's just a feelin. i just hope 4 his sake she stays loyal. I think he is sowing some wild oats at the moment, i don't think he sees her as the ONE but well this is all just second guessing so come on ppl tel me wat u think
About that Kate chick...

Here in Canada there's been a number of magazine articles about the two of them being engaged. And I feel the same as you do. There's just something about her that I don't like.

I don't know. Maybe it's just the fact that it's not ME the articles are about or whatever, but still.